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Looking for programmer

2009-07-03 09:09:48 by LeTapir

Hello, i made a storyline and characters for a game i would like to do. The idea is to mix a little of point and click with platforming and RPG. I made a flash about it:

If you are not motivated, don't pm me as this might take a while to make. May be months. Everything else is in the flash, it only takes 2 minutes to see, so give it a go :).

I finally bought a tablet!

2009-06-29 18:51:19 by LeTapir

And painted a cool looking cloud :D. Check it out:

It took me 5 minutes to make so it could be better, but hmmk. Also check my website out:
This site
And please tell me what you think about the lay out... The structure... etc...

My new website is done :)

2009-06-27 16:19:06 by LeTapir

I just remade my old website into what it is now!
My tutorial site

Go check it and tell me what you think of the lay-out etc, etc...
And if you can, watch the tutorials and rate them :). I know i don't have many videos yet, but that's because i only started this youtube account early this week. Oh, and if you need a walkthrough to be done for one of you're games, pm me and i'll make one within a hour :).

Feel free to critiquize, blam say my website is crap, but tell me what you think :).

Getting ideas for a website

2009-06-23 17:05:37 by LeTapir

Right now i am gathering ideas for a colour scheme and a theme for my website (CLICK) which looks like total crap right now, i know, and i'm not actually using it. I bought it just to learn HTML and CSS and test if for real (and to enter the grown up's playground :p). But as my "artistic" (ehem) skillz grow up (yeah i've been photoshogimping for a while now and i do some cool banners and stuff), i'll need a website more and more, and now i have one, a shitty looking empty one, but a website.
I'm also doing tutorials in my free time, tutorials like:
Check them :)

And i'm pretty sure i'll be using this website this year.
The internet is really an awesome place where egality can be easyer to get :) (except for 13 years old! >:(, we are discriminated all teh time <:( ). I noticed that IRL it's really hard to speak to an adult as a yound teenager while being taken seriously, while on the web, as long as your youtube channel looks pro, people will listen to you as an equal :).

Well anyways, if you see this GIMME IDEAS for how my site could look like (and help me if possible :p).

Cya and gnite.