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Renewable Energy Renewable Energy

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It's original

Perpetual motion doesn't exist. In this case, the photovoltaic panel catches the light from the lamp and converts it into energy. This same energy is used by the lamp to send more light. But as nothing is perfect, this can't work. Energy can't just "apear". Even if the panel had a 100% efficiency rating (it absorbs all the energy, which is VERY unlikely (and impossible right now)), energy would be lost in the wires, which, unless they are supra-conductors (a few degrees more than absolute zero), and even like that there are losses, will lose a lot of energy. So the energy would be lost with time.

AND you would have to introduce energy in the first place so the lamp lights itself.

As for the Art, i guess the title is a metaphor, right? I like the visual simplicity yet it doesn't lack of meaning.

IStumpyI responds:

thanks for the research, I've been told this wouldn't work but I would die to see someone try!